Should You Worry About Spiders in Your Home?

Should You Worry About Spiders in Your Home?

Have you ever heard that spiders are the sign of a healthy home? While this isn’t strictly true, it’s equally wrong to believe that they’re always an indicator of a poorly maintained property.

 Most spiders in Canada are generally quite harmless. But should you still tolerate these eight-legged housemates? And more importantly, how do you prevent them from taking up residence in your home?

The Benefits of Sharing Your Living Space With Spiders

Between arachnophobes at one end of the spectrum, and those that find these animals fascinating at the other, lies a whole range of people who are more or less unnerved at the sight of a spider. Discovering one indoors isn’t usually a cause for concern (see the final paragraph to learn in which situations you must act). They can even help eliminate smaller, annoying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes.

In Canada, the spiders most commonly found in homes are called house spiders or domestic spiders. If the spider’s body is some shade of brown, black, or beige, it isn’t dangerous. It can still bite, though, if it feels threatened. The bite may cause some slight irritation. If interacting with these creepy-crawlies doesn’t bother you that much, gently take them outside. You can, moreover, sweep away any web you find, so long as there is no spider in it.


How to Stop Spiders From Turning Your House Into Their Home

Although their presence is nothing to worry about, you may prefer living in a spider-free zone. However, as outdoor temperatures cool, you will probably start seeing more of them around as they make their way indoors in search of warmth and food.

To prevent an infestation, take steps to keep them out, such as:

  • Patching holes and cracks.
  • Repairing or replacing torn screens.
  • Caulking doors and windows.

Since spiders eat insects, keep your house clean:

  • Remember to dust and vacuum regularly.
  • Ensure the floors are free (as far as you can) of dust, debris, crumbs, etc. By doing so you will address the root cause of the problem by eliminating their source of food. This will force spiders to seek sustenance elsewhere than inside your property.
  • Avoid leaving boxes, blankets, or clothes on the floor as they constitute a cozy environment in which spiders like to hide and nest.

When Are House Spiders an Issue?

If you still frequently see spiders around your house despite a regular cleaning routine, the problem may have become quite serious. Furthermore, if you find that spiders have taken up residence in every nook, cranny and closet, the time has come for you to call on professional assistance to deal with them.

Finally, an abundance of spiders can unfortunately be the sign of a larger issue: an infestation. Since they love to eat pests like cockroaches and ticks, their presence may indicate that other unwanted bugs have likewise moved into the building. If this is the case, you must contact a professional to remedy the situation.


To summarize, the few spiders you do share your home with aren’t there to terrorize you. Bear in mind that it’s impossible to eliminate them entirely (and often you won’t even notice them!). However, act quickly if they become too numerous.

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